I am a small seller as of now. As I increase my collection I will post more snippets to my page.

Prices that are shown are very flexible, and I am willing to negotiate for any song.

I am also willing to to run GB’s on any song. I am also willing to trade in many cases.

I try to be as flexible as possible as a seller, so if you have any questions or possibilities, please message me!

Want List:

Please message me if you have any songs, tracklists, instrumentals, or demos's that you are willing to sell.

I will buy anything Kanye music related assuming I have the budget.

If you are looking to sell songs, I am willing to do that on my website as well for you.

Once I have more of a collection of songs and have sold songs I will release Glastonbury video for sale, either split into each song's recording, or as a whole, whatever is more doable for buyers. I would ideally sell it in a GB.


I am very flexible with payment.

I will try and use whatever method allows me and a buyer to connect.

I am not accepting BTC or cryptocurrencies at this time.